The Potential Impact of ChatGPT on the Development of Artificial Intelligence

2023 is the Year of artificial Intelligence.

One day you are sleeping.
The following morning, you awaken to find that you have been transported to a world dominated by artificial intelligence.
When you open up YouTube, you will find videos related to artificial intelligence.
if you open google. You will be presented with search results generated by artificial intelligence.
When you open up Facebook or Twitter, you will notice that people are tweeting about artificial intelligence.
When you open up platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, or Telegram, you will find posts, comments, responses, and memes related to artificial intelligence.
discord. You may expect to hear people talking about artificial intelligence.

tiktok. Videos relating to artificial intelligence will be shown to you.
You won’t be able to avoid encountering artificial intelligence.
You won’t know whether to trust or fear artificial intelligence because it can act in either capacity.
Your artificial intelligence will either manage you or work for you, or it will do both.
In the next several days, a decision will be made regarding this.

To know what can happen in future, first know what happened in past.

Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, John Schulman, and Wojciech Zaremba established OpenAI on December 11, 2015.

It develops and promotes friendly AI to improve humans.

a computer screen with the open ai logo on it

Microsoft invested heavily in OpenAI 2019. Microsoft invested $1 billion in OpenAI in July to fund its advanced AI research. OpenAI gave Microsoft an exclusive licence to market their GPT technology and used Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing infrastructure for large-scale AI training.

ChatGPT is a big GPT-based language model. The OpenAI GPT model can generate human-like prose, answer questions, and perform other natural language processing tasks.

a computer screen with a bunch of words on it

Why ChatGPT matters?
GPT-3 with 6 billion architecture parameters, man it matters.

GPT-4 is reportedly about six times larger than GPT-3, with one trillion parameters
GPT-4 is the biggest language model.

ChatGPT outperforms other chatbots in NLU. So, it can understand a discussion and generate responses that fit the tone and feeling of the input.

Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) helps ChatGPT improve its answers. Other chatbots may train and update their models using supervised, unsupervised, or other methods.

ChatGPT cannot access the internet or other external sources. It uses OpenAI-curated and pre-processed data. Other chatbots may update their data through web crawls, APIs, or databases.
ChatGPT can translate, summarise, create content, generate code, and more. Other chatbots may specialise in customer service, lead generating, data collection, or navigation.

You can see how much interest microsoft has in OpenAI.

Now the question is, what will happen in future?

there will be more competition in AI.
,more AI startups.
We have already seen Google’s bard, lamda, and many more.

Possibilities of AI in future

The Good

white and black ceramic cup filled with brown liquid on brown wooden sufface

With stable diffusion technology generate mind blowing art.
Midjourney, Leonardo AI, lexica art.
These are Some of the finest text to image generator apps.

The latest 5th version of mid journey, Creates stunning graphics which look exactly similar to a real human.
So you can generate high quality images and there is a small price to pay but then you get a commercial license so basically this is a new start of business and the possibilities because you can now sale these images or use them for any commercial purpose however the lawmakers are still figuring out how to deal with these kinds of images which are generated with the help of stable diffusion or similar technologies.

Will there be any bad use of the technology.

person wearing mask

With every other technologies which are currently present in the world this technology also have the same implications. Artificial intelligence is also like atomic bomb if it is in the right hand then you can expect some good out of it. But if the technology goes into wrong hands and they start generating high quality artificial intelligence models which are trained to harm the humanity and the current balance of the life then you cannot stop them it will be only law and crime and regulation which can control them just like any other misuse in the world.

will there be any possibilities our jobs well be affected

This year is a shift and start of something new so definitely in upcoming years we will see real effect of this technology on every other job. Effect will be positive as well as negative there is no denying that artificial intelligence is going to affect the way we live and of course it’s going to modify our jobs the way we work also will be going to get affected.

If you search on Internet it’s hot topic right now that artificial intelligence is going to affect our jobs many people will be jobless so the answer is yes is definitely going to affect our jobs there will be a shift so for example 100 people will be out of job but 100 new people will get the job because they will have their relevant skill set for artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence if you see for young people definitely its going to eat their job. But if you are a person who is in the critical job for example data administrator, network guide, or someone who handles multiple technology in a company.

Imagine you are working in a company where there are very less number of people. So now artificial intelligence is a magic for these type of companies because single person can now do many jobs for example company can use this skilled guy to generate images with the help of artificial intelligence,, block content copywriting content and many other things for which company needs to hire individual person but because this is a startup company so this is a good thing for them because they dont have that much amount to pay to every single individual so normally these types of company prefer skilled guys which can do multiple works at the same time.

Now let’s take example for big companies like Microsoft Google IBM.
As you can see these companies are behind these artificial intelligence technology so do you think once the technology matures these company needs many people because they are the one who created these technology at first place so there will be a lot of layoffs for employees in these type of companies.
Every change causes a negative and positive direction flow.
Same thing will happen with this artificial intelligence shift.

Recently someone tweet it this code.
That artificial intelligence is not going to take your job but the person who is utilising artificial intelligence will definitely going to take your job.
Imagine your friend who is junior to you but because of this new technology he started using ChatGPT, open a I, text to image generator, text to text generator, text to video generator.

As you can see he is your junior but then he is able to generate far more contain then you if you are not critical resource in your company then definitely company will prefer this guy and then you will definitely lose your job because the guy was already working for lesser salary than you and company will see he is more productive than you no matter he is using artificial intelligence technology or not. Why you can take example of calculator.

You see on the shop when you buy something the shop guy uses calculator to calculate all your purchases, you cannot tell him that calculate by pen and paper and then tell me the bill.

Because here in this context the calculation of your bill is insignificant.
The significance is of time which he is going to calculate on pen and paper and the item he is going to sale it to you and then how many other customers he has to handle so basically he dont want to waste his time on calculation instead he is preferring to use this machine called calculator to ease his life.

Exactly same thing will be going to happen with the artificial intelligence technology initially you may see there will be lot of criticism and oppose of this technology but in future its going to settle and then we are going to live with it and then slowly it will dominate so if the person who will adapt along with artificial intelligence will survive rest all other will lose the job and that is what I am calling it as a shift instead of job loss.

OK enough of artificial intelligence job and other thing now tell me how can I utilise this artificial intelligence to earn money

alright this is the most important topic for many people everybody wants to earn money from artificial intelligence because it looks like it’s very easy to generate an article a blog and YouTube video.

Image generation part and the thumbnail creation part I have already explained above with the help of mid journey you can easily create high quality realistic images for your blog or your website.

just tell me how I will earn money

so for this you need to think what are your interest and what is your capability for example if you want to make videos on YouTube with the help of artificial intelligence technology then you cannot do it right away because the technology is still in progress there are some companies which can do that but they are asking alot of money or they are in the beta stage.

What you can do is create a habit for yourself to daily search on Internet about new upcoming artificial intelligence technologies then find out old technology which are stable then think can you create something to replace this technology with artificial intelligence.

So when you will be able to answer above question and adapt the above style daily you will be able to find something where you can create a business or app or website or a blog by which you can easily earn money.

Let me give you one example,

You will see very soon there will be many websites just like Pixa Bay, pixels, shutter stock, getty images.

or some other hypothetical company, the whole point is there will be some company which will start accepting your artificially intelligent outcome or output,
so you generated daily 100 images from artificial intelligence and then you can post them to the website Now the website will pay you whenever someone downloads that image.

another example will be you can use chat GPT like software or some API like that Then you can generate blog ideas and then start writing blogs on your own website once your website gets popular you’ll start money earning from Google Adsense or any other advertisement company.

you can even start a business for generating GPT prompts any prompts, text to image prompts.
it entirely depends on your capability and your interest imagine you are very good in terms of research about images So that means you will know the camera set, different type of image variations, different type of portraits, many different types of art style.

So if you are that much capable then definitely you can use your imagination to generate variety in text to image softwares and then the output of that you can post to your website or any other platform which will pay you or even you can directly sale that generated art 2 your customer.


Artificial intelligence technology is quite new I am planning to write weekly articles like this where I will try to educate about artificial intelligence and then upcoming new technologies. So by reading above article you will come to know by this time that there are more scope what we are seeing right now. Basically this is just a trailer of what’s going to come in future. This is just start of a new era of artificial intelligence. There will be positive and negative effect of this technology but 2 stay on positive side there will be definitely something good is there and which is going to create a better software better future.

I will summarise my whole article in this small sentence.
In Geeta shree Krishna already said that things which are going to happen or already been written that means things which is going to happen will happen for sure so don’t worry about negatives always see the positive because then positive will also happen.